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Polymer Testing

Polymer Testing, Evolution and Analysis

Polymer Testing

Research and development build the foundation of our success. Through intensive research and continuous development of materials, our high performance plastics ZEDEX® have exceptional properties. High performance plastics ZEDEX® are used in fields, where previously the use of plastics was unimaginable.We are able to integrate the required properties in existing high performance plastics ZEDEX® by polymers modification. The lead times of these special pieces are often not too long and frequently big quantities are not required.

In failure cases of your components, we can mostly determine the cause of the malfunctions through mechanical tests, thermal tests, micro or macroscopic examinations of the defective parts. Optionally, we recommend you our appropriate high performance plastic ZEDEX®.

Thanks to our extensive testing facilities, we can determine specific values, through specific tests:

Mechanical testing
    Tensile, compression, 3-point bending testing
    Creep curves
    Impact-strength test (notched and not)
    Ball indentation hardness and Shore hardness
    Fatigue strength under reversed bending

Testing with test benches and tribological investigation
    Friction value (static / dynamic, dry / lubricate)
    PV-value (movement nuts, bushings, gears)
    Wear value (all contact conditions, motion curves, lubricate)

Thermal analysis
    Melt temperature
    Glass transition temperature
    Thermal expansion coefficient
    Heat resistance
    Heat capacity

Electrical Characteristics
    Dielectric strength
    Surface resistivity
    Volume resistivity

Other testing
    Moisture content, residual moisture content
    Melt viscosity (MVR, MFR)
    Ultrasound scan
    Fatigue strength
    Microscope´s enlargement 220-times
    Surface tension, Surface roughness
    Colour measurement (CIE Lab)
    FTIR spectroscopy