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Injection molding

Tribological Part Production

Injection molding

To save development costs, we can manufacture prototypes made from extruded semi-finished products with ZEDEX® granules, by machining. Prototypes can be realized in short time with the help of an inexpensive, pre-production mould of aluminium. We inform you about the right material drying and the optimal processing for injection moulding.

    Drying with dry air funnel and suction dredger,
    product weight 0,5 to 1600 g, max. 325 t,
    Sprue recycling or repurchase of the sprues possible,
    1-, 2 component injection molding,
    Inserts (for example threaded inserts) are possible,
    Tooling, prototype tools (aluminum) with a short delivery time

Do it yourself!
Want to have your own components manufacture by injection molding? We provide you with the suitable granulate
and the necessary injection instructions.

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