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Wolf Kunststoff-Gleitlager GmbH

Heisenbergstr. 63-65

Industriegebiet II

50169 Kerpen-Türnich


Fon +49 2237 / 9749-0

Fax +49 2237 / 9749-20








District Court Kerpen HRB 41798

USt-IdNr.: DE121861959

Managing Director: Wilfried Wolf, Gunter Wolf





„WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ is committed to maintain the privacy and security of the personal information of all visitors of this website. As part of this commitment „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ introduces this Privacy Policy and declarations reflecting the needs of our visitors and telling them how we obtain information, which information we collect, why we do it and how they are used. Please read our Privacy Statement and our Privacy Policy.





First, we register the data sent to us automatically from your web browser. This information typically includes your domain name (the name after the @ in your e- mail address) and it might be also your user name (the name you use before the @ ) . The amount of data depends on the settings of your personal web browser, that you can also query and change. The information we automatically receive from your web browser, show us which pages you visit on our website, from which website you switched to ours and to which website you go when you leave ours. From this information we create statistics that help us understand how our site is used. The interpretation of these statistics shows us how we need to customize the content of our website, so that visitors arrive quickly and easily to the information they are looking for. Second, we might actively obtain information about you by installing our own record on your computer. Through this record, commonly called "cookie", we can identify you using a computer-generated, unique code. This code gives us the possibility to save pages viewed by you and your preferred way of proceeding in a database. Through this instead to query again the relevant information, that can be automatically provided, saving you time and effort . Thus, for example, the once stored during an order inputs, including size, colour, etc. do not need to be re-digit by a new order. Your computer can also be set so that it does not allow the use of cookies. Your browser has got the appropriate information. Third, we collect information on this page when you contact us or you respond to our surveys, questionnaires or inquiries. With your e-mails you send us information voluntarily, and you do that, also when you answer the questions we have placed on this website (of course, you do not need to answer any questions in order to use this website further. But you might have no access to certain services or specific information then). All computer-generated information , such as your e-mail address, can be given to third parties also in foreign country. Thus, your personal information may be transmitted , for example, to one of our contractually bound company. In all such cases, these third parties agreed our Privacy Policy. Fourth, we collect information when you start transaction on our website, such as a purchase order. These are data that are required for the execution of the transaction , such as your name, delivery address , your product choice and your chosen method of payment . Information about credit card or other payment is not kept any longer than the necessary to fulfil the legal requirements and requirements of the audit. „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ is entitled (credit information not inclusive) to use any information collected on the „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ website for any legal purpose. They include for example their use for sales promotion. We are entitled to use the data for historical, statistical or scientific purposes, and we may store it, in order to make you a subsequent visit to our website more convenient. During all these activities, we are entitled to submit the information to another country. We can also use it to investigate about security breaches or to cooperate with authorities pursuant to a legal matter. Perhaps we have already collected similar information from you in the past. By accepting the terms of our privacy policy you consent us to continue the usage of the previously collected data. In order to facilitate the navigation, this website may contain hyperlinks to other pages of „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“, or to websites not controlled by „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“. Whereas „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ has placed on all its websites a statement to the confidential treatment of information, we can make no promises or guarantees regarding data collections on those hyperlinked websites not controlled by „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“. We therefore recommend that you read the relevant statements of any of yours visited websites. If you have comments and suggestions to further improve this website, or for questions regarding the use of your personal data please contact us at ( Please read the „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ Privacy Policy.





The proper collection , protection and use of personal data, by third parties and member of „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ is one of the fundamental principles of the company.




I. „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will comply with the legal requirements that pertains to the protection of personal data, and agrees to comply with the applicable legal provisions . „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will review its methods regarding the collection, usage and disclosure of personal data regularly to ensure security and compliance with laws and regulations.


II „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will inform you when personal information is collected for the first time, or when it is intended to make personal data later available to third parties. Content of this information will be also an explanation of the need for data collection and a description of the use of these data. Personal information will not be used for purposes of direct advertising of products or services to an identifiable persons unless such a purpose has been accepted in advance by the concerned person and at the same time has not been excluded the opportunity of this use of their data.


III . „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will explain to that person the consequences of his decision by not providing the personal data requested by „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“.


IV „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ is set up in accordance with applicable legal procedures ensuring that the data about children or other sensitive data will be collected only after an explicit consent and it will be protected against misuse .


V. „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will collect and use personal data in accordance with the previously paragraph. However, „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ is entitled to make the personal data anonymous and then use these information for statistical, historic, scientific or other purposes in accordance with the applicable law.


VI . „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will maintain the security of personal data and protect their entirety, insofar it is possible with a commercially reasonable effort.


VII „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will provide the person concerned in accordance with the applicable legal procedures to obtain access to his own personal data and give the possibly to correct inaccurate or incomplete data, to change the degree of the individual consent, block personal data or delete them.


VIII „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ engages contract partners that receive personal data from, „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ or transfer such data to „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“, including those who provide maintenance services, to adopt and observe the principles and goals of the present guidelines.


IX . „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will publish the procedures for the handling of complaints concerning possible non-compliance with the laid down rules for the protection of personal data.


X. „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“, under certain circumstances, if this is permitted by law or „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ is obligated to do so by law or court order, will collect personal data, use and/or disclose them, without having made a notification or without that similar activities have been carried out (for example in the context of official preliminary investigation).


XI . „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will adapt its guidelines, procedural methods, rules of conduct and practices to these guidelines, e.g. in the administration of human resources with regard to data about past, present or future employees which have or will have been collected. processed or used. XII . „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ reserves the right to change and update this policy or its related business practices at any time. „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ will apply retroactively these changes to this policy on the already collected data from „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“, only if this is legally permissible.





The corporate „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“, provide the contents of these Internet pages with great care and ensures that they are updated regularly. The details are only non-binding general information and can not replace a detailed individual advice to a purchase decision. he technical features and configurations of the products and services described are without obligation. We reserve the right to make changes. You will get binding information about our products exclusively from our staff. The company „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ does not assume any liability for the correctness, up-to-datedness and completeness of any information presented or the undisturbed access of these websites. Whenever we refer to third-party Websites (links), „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ does not assume any liability for the content of the external links. By clicking the link you leave the information offer from „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“. Therefore, the offers of third parties may be subject to different regulations, particularly as far as data protection is concerned. Furthermore, the corporate „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“ excludes liability with services, in particular with the downloading of files which „WOLF KUNSTSTOFF-GLEITLAGER GMBH“, has made available on the internet website of for the slightly negligent violation of duties, unless this concerns contractual duties or life, health and body or claims in accordance with the law on product liability. The same applies to any breaches of duty by our vicarious agents.