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Polymer Parts Design
Calculation and Design

Polymer Parts Design

Calculation and Design

The aim of our calculations is to predict the behavior of a component or material to external influences. According to this reaction, the sizing is performed such that the component is neither oversized or undersized.

We are glad to lead for you the required calculations, the material selection and nevertheless to determine the planning process.

We provide our support dimensioning your technical components and designing them suitable for material, processing condition and applied load.

We inform you about the optimal shape and thus, how to obtain the maximum efficiency. You will receive an estimation of your components´ lifetime, corresponding to your requirements, and information pertaining to the optimal ratio between costs and usefulness.

We calculate for your components, with the help of the analytical (FEA) and the finite elements methods (FEM), from the static to the dynamic load, through the tribological and thermal load of your components.

The main tasks are related to the following fields:
    Plain bearings, (hydrodynamic as well)
    Spindle nuts
    Track rollers
    Various sliding and wear elements

Test our Know-How for:
    New constructions
    Problem solving
     Components substitution
    Functions integration
     Cost reduction