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Tribological Polymer Solutions
ZX-100 Family
Basic type ZX-100K

ZX-100 Family

Basic type ZX-100K

Allround up to 110 °C
ZX-100K is a high quality plastic compound made of a thermoplastic base with excellent tribological properties in dry running condition. It is so successful in the most diverse applications thanks to its excellent combination of properties, that make it to be an "all round plastic".

  • Hard, stiff, tough

  • High fatigue strength

  • Good resistance to weathering

  • Resistance to stress cracking

  • Good machinability

  • Bondable and weldable

  • FDA compliant, LABS compliant

  • PTFE- and Silicone-Free

  • KTW approved

  • Low-outgassing

  • Notch-sensitive

  • UV-radiation: (1000 hours Xenon DIN 53597) tensile strength: –25 %, elongation at break: –43 %

  • Gamma-radiation: limit absorbed dose 1200 kGy

  • Chemicals, resistant: aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, weak acids and alkalis

  • Chemicals, not resistant: strong acids and alkalis, phenols, cresols

  • Lubricants and fuels: resistant

  • Water: max. water absorption: 0,3 %, dimensional changes: 0,1 %, up to max. 80 °C resistant

  • Fire behavior: oxygen index (LOI): 24 %, classification: HB (UL94)

Operational parameters*
  • Temperature(T): –100°C to +110°C (+140°C)

  • Surface pressure (p): Max. 35 (75) MPa

  • Sliding speed(v): Max. 100 m/min

  • Fatigue (S): Tensile fatigue strength at 20°C
    and 1E06 stress cycles, 1 Hz = 52 MPa
    Impacts, vibrations, edge loading, outdoor use, underwater use.

    (*Values in the brackets, are valid for shot-term service )

The Values for Friction, wear, etc. you will find in our ZEDEX-Tools
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ZX-100 Family

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ZX-100K Datasheet
Here you will find all information about mechanical, thermal, electrical, and tribological characteristics.

Download here! (137 KB)