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Tribological Polymer Solutions
ZX-750 Family
Base type ZX-750V5T

ZX-750 Family

Base type ZX-750V5T

  • Hard, stiff, tough

  • High dimensional stability

  • High fatigue strength

  • High weathering resistance

  • Good fire behavior (low generation of flue gases)

  • Resistence to stress cracking

  • Vacuum suitable

  • Good machinability

  • Bondable and weldable

  • Contains PTFE

  • UV-radiation: (1000 hours Xenon DIN 53597) tensile strength: no alteration, elongation at break: –30 %

  • Gamma-radiation: limit absorbed dose 8000 kGy

  • Chemicals, resistance: solvent, dilute acids and alkalis

  • Chemicals, unstable: strong acids and alkalis, oxidizing agents

  • Lubricants and fuels: resistant

  • Water: max. water absorption: 0,7%, dimensional changes: 0,4% up to 120°C resistant

  • Fire behavior: Oxygen index(LOI): 52%, Classification: V-0 (UL94)

Operational parameters*
  • Temperature (T): –250°C to +300°C (+320°C)

  • Surface pressure (p): Max. 41 (125) MPa

  • Sliding speed (v): Max. 350 m/min

  • Fatigue (S): tensile fatigue strength at 20°C
    and 1E06 stress cycles, 1 Hz = 35 MPa

    (*Values in the brackets, are valid for shot-term service)

The Values for Friction, wear, etc. you will find in our ZEDEX-Tools
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ZX-750 Family

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ZX-750V5T Datasheet
Here you will find all information about mechanical, thermal, electrical, and tribological characteristics.

Download here! (2,5 MB)